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Manali Pandey, Gazetted Officer at MPPSC (2017-present)
AnsweredJun 26
Originally Answered: Whathappened to the topper of your school/college/university? What is he/she doingnow?
There was this girl in my college veryquiet but happy. She surely was hated by the guys of her class for being soarrogant . Which i assume was not arrogance but her being uncomfortable in aclass of CIVIL engineering with 55 boys all around , and because she was froman all girls school she coouldnt find her self comfortable with this drasticchange .
This girl mostly looked really confidentexcept where somebody tried to befriend her. Sometimes i had seen her sit aloneand figure out how to pass time as even though people would approach her , shewas bad at small talk.
During the 4 years of B tech i had seenher grow in academics from a class topper to a university gold medalist . Shesecured the highest in history of the Engineering University of Madhya Pradeshfor scoring 93.8 % which was only considering the theory not practicals . Thechancellor of MP awarded her the gold medal . Our entire college at the time ofresults knew her role number and were logging in to see her marks and theywould come searching for her to ask how had she managed to do it . As it was asmall town of jabalpur and it was a private institute there could have been noway that anyone could have guided her to the top.

Manali Pandey, MPPSC公报主任(2017-至今)

I know her . She is a simple girl. She loves small towners, no show offpeople. She made really good friends with two such people who had accepted herwith her success . This girl would get 2 extra books from library (toppers got2 extra books issued ) apart from 4 , these 2 extra books she would give to her2 friends every single time .
She then joined made easy after b tech . Nothing notable happened for 2years in her career . She surely experienced the lowest as a few of her friendswere placed in some good companies through NICMAR . One of her best friendseven got a job as junior engineer in the municipal corporation . She didn'tland anywhere.
The story continues to the time 2015 an year after graduation , she got toknow of her brothers OCD … which was quite severe and that very time there wasan exam MPPSC for the post of Sub Divisional Officer in the state. She felt helpless, only because of parents support was she able to appear in the exam .
She cleared both the pre and mains . Before mains her brother triedcommitting suicide , failed . She ran to Bengaluru to be with him . She wantedto go back to her coaching to prepare for UPSC as she was good and fresh withtopics because of her recent preparation for MPPSC . She gave upthat idea andrather chose to be with her brother and family at this mental health hospitalcalled NIMHANS bengaluru .

她放弃了这个想法,而是选择和她的兄弟和家人一起住在一家叫做NIMHANS bengaluru的精神康复医院。

Fast forward to an year. MPPSC interview results came in March 2017 andshe was selected as SDO RES under the Ministry Of Rural Development .
Fast forward to now 2019 . Its been 2 years of services in the departmentand she has gained trust of the commissioner , visits Delhi often for all govtmeetings, represents the state in Interstate exchange programs .
April 2018 after losing a long fight with OCD her brother leaves the world. While She was away with her work travelling .
Its been an year to his death she still goes to work with a smile ,without showing how the death has changed her completely, takes best care ofher parents and has made bold choices to not marry any man for money or a manwith power just for ego .
Well i know when somebody has that attitude to work hard they will lead afairly beautiful life . Hard work , Sincerity is an Attitude .
Yes that girl is me.

快进一年。MPPSC访谈结果于2017年3月公布,她被选为农村发展部的SDO RES。
弟弟去世后的一年她仍然带着微笑上班,完全没有表明死亡改变了她, 她很照顾自己的父母,并做出了大胆的选择,不嫁给任何为了钱的男人,也不嫁给因自负而拥有权力的男人。

What really matters to me after seeing success and failures in career ,death of a loved one is that , the process to success largely requiressacrifices at every step of the way . Everybody in one way is a warrior . Weall have a story to tell . Embrace yourself , pat on your shoulder that you aregoing on with life and havent stopped.
This is not self praise it is a reminder to myself of all my struggles andme still alive , little broken , yet facing everyday with a smile .
This is my family . Would sacrifice anything for them . Only if i couldget my brother back.
After tating it all at 26- fame, power , failure , being at a mentalhealth hospital , process of mental health treatment in india ( which sucks )and sudden death of the most loved one . I am breathing still .
thanks for reading.
Edit 1 - i want to share a page from my brother’s register which he wrotewhen he was ill . His mind couldnt figure out writing , in pure O there isperfection for everything..its really painful but one part of the brain canprocess that the other part is not letting me do things normally .
this is what will keep me going.
malay’s sister


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